Hunt Park Pool and Skate Park

Riverside, California

This community pool and pool building underwent extensive renovation to provide needed improvements to support a recreational swim program and traditional public swim sessions. The existing open air pool building was provided with a new roof over the entire building. The interior of the building was refurbished with new durable finish materials and fixtures to refresh a tired and antiquated environment.  Existing solar panels were removed from above the changing room areas and were relocated to a newly expanded pool deck area to create badly needed shade shelters.

The skate park expansion provided improvements for an undersized and overused neighborhood skate park. The original skate park was an ‘in-ground bowl’ with a few amenities to meet a growing community interest in alternative sports. This renovation doubled the size of the skate park, provided numerous new jump and grinding obstacles and improved environment aesthetics with new painted tube steel fencing and entry shade structure, new area lighting and landscaping coordinated with the adjacent public pool.  These additions created the largest skate park in the city at the time of its completion.