Renck Community Center

Riverside, California

This new 15,700 s.f. community center replaced older, smaller facilities which had served their purpose but were insufficient for the growing needs of the surrounding community. The new facilities provide a variety of community amenities for athletics, recreation, social and educational interests for an expanded recreation program serving all ages including a gymnasium, game room, computer lab, fitness room, classroom, large multi-use room and service kitchen. An efficient use of space supports staff observation for supervision and security. Improved pedestrian ways and vehicular traffic flow with increased parking enhance access for all park users. The center is designed to current building and energy codes and complies with accessibility and sustainability standards. This project was constructed over $1 million under budget allowing the City to utilize the remaining funds on another project.  (Matlock Associates incorporated sustainable design to accomplish LEED certification for this project, but the project was not commissioned as directed by the City.)